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ugh sketch

Im totally doing this female ghost rider thing. Its gonna be epic and I hope to start regularly posting mid summer. 

Color practice.

lines by Anya Uribe (I like her quite a bit, she has a very specific stylized thing goin on that I love, dont give me shit about how her spine doesn’t make any sense) 

Ivy is having none of your shit today. (Lines by Jimmymcwicked) Colors by me! :D 

Tattooed Psylocke! Finally done! Made the lines ages ago, and it took me far too long to finish coloring it. Anywho, hope you guys like. 

Querida Itzpapalotl, obsidian butterfly, the warrior and mother goddess who resides in the darkness between the stars.  

Based on, mas o menos, her image as found in the Codex Borgia. 

Medusa Turning Her Own Heart Into Stone. 

"You were expecting a pretty butterfly?" 

Fan art of Rosa, from the newly formed Rock ‘N’ Rosa

I thought of a million and one things she could be saying:

Como que they only had HOT PINK??” or “Y si que tengo que ir al baño???” or even, “I have to wear these heels for how long??”

Spider woman. Done some time ago… Colors by me (Biana117) original inks by ToddNauck

I dont remember posting this up here…. anywho… here it is.. Psylocke in watercolor! :D

Third part of my Marvel Nouveau series! Dark Phoenix takes over on this one. This one is inspired by Mucha’s Amethyst.  

Psylocke again. I think the debate over which body was better (European or Asian) is quite ridiculous to me. If you love Betsy, you love both and all parts. 

"To Elizabeth! Long May She Reign!"

Done and done! Very happy with this one!!! Gender Bent Gambit makes a sexy lady indeed. 

Original sketch by steevinlove

Line Work by CubicInsanity

And Colors by Moi, Bibiana A. H. 

An anime-ish Psylocke I drew like a bajillion years ago. I think I might have been 15? I WANNA REDO THIS. Just to like… compare.